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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

EBSCO Springs Into Action

Every so often, the experts at EBSCO Spring Company get in a crucial order that gives them the opportunity to really show what they're made of. This last week, EBSCO Spring Company received a rush order for a spring component that was keeping a Sikorsky helicopter grounded until they could supply the proper part. Shifting gears, EBSCO Spring Company was able to churn out the necessary part and up to quality standards, a process that normally takes three weeks, in 2 days. Now, this essential helicopter is back in the air, all thanks to the hard work of the spring manufacturing experts at EBSCO Spring in Tulsa, OK. For more details on the order, from start to finish, visit EBSCO Spring Company C.O.O. Todd P's blog. For more information on custom spring manufacturing performed here in the Midwest, log onto EBSCO Spring Company's official website

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