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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Severe accidents never happen here

Well we hope they don't, but it is always possible. That’s why it is important for manufacturing companies to create, design, implement and practice a safety program like the one Ebsco Spring Company has recently. There is always the possibility of accidents happening and it is important to have a plan of action that minimizes the results as quick as possible.

Ebsco Spring knows that when accidents do happen, minutes count. So to that note, even though the whole team at Ebsco Spring always expects the best, they now have safety drills in plan for the worst. Efforts between management and staff created and designed the company's “First Responder Drills”.

With certain employees that are clued into the exercise, they are each given a 'script' of sorts to act out scenes of major work related accidents. These drills test the whole company's response reaction and timing to accidents and how quickly things are brought under control and the situation handled.

These drill exercises allows the company as a whole to see where improvements can be made and to see how each employee responds individually as well. The company as a whole has been surprised by the things they have learned with these surprise exercise drills, such as discovering how many employees did not know how to use the paging feature on the phone system. The company phone and paging feature should be one thing that every employee, regardless their position, is familiar with and knows how to use it. In that particular exercise, precious time was lost while an employee found someone to make the page.

The President and CEO of Ebsco Spring Company says that safety is first with the company and with that priority in mind, they start training employees on their first day to practice safety in everything they do at Ebsco. The company knows that even with the best training and preparedness, accidents will still occur. Having a plan in place to get the situation under control is the key. The company plans to have these types of events that relate to their daily work and practice these safety drills quarterly.


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