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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Walk and Less Talk

In the latest blog post of Todd P, C.O.O. of EBSCO Spring company, Todd discusses how the concept of lean cannot be blindly implemented for the betterment of company operations, but rather has to be a hands-on process that is custom fit to each company that implements it. Many companies that attempt to put lean to work for them without working on the process itself end up making disastrous decisions that actually fail to benefit from putting such practices in place. To learn more about where EBSCO Spring Company is headed and about the importance of team-building and getting everyone on board with such practices, check out Todd's blog for regular updates. To see how to make the best springs work for your company, visit the official website of the EBSCO Spring Company.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Edge of Your Seat Excitement

Here at EBSCO Spring Company, we believe that springs can accomplish more. If you don't believe us, watch this video of a determined spring on a treadmill.

What Makes a Blogger?

In EBSCO Spring Company's C.O.O. Todd P.'s post, he discusses the differences between a trained writer and a blogger while attempting to determine whether or not there is much of a difference at all. As he continues in his post, Todd explores the elements that make a blog worth reading and attempts to find the root of the reason why a reader chooses the blog of someone not trained as a writer who might have life experience to pull from versus a classically trained writer with very few life experiences to go on. Would people read Hemingway's blog ramblings? What actually sets the writer aside from the blogger beyond proper grammar and good diction? To read more, check out Todd's blog. For more information on one of the best spring companies around, check out the official site of EBSCO Spring Company.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Blog About A Blog About Blogging

In his most recent blog post, C.O.O. Todd P. of EBSCO Spring gives his two cents on the world of blogging. The web log (aka: "blog") came to popularity in the late 1990s with a whole rush of publishing sites hit the internet and anyone with the capability to write and click "send" could suddenly have their own blog. As time has progressed, blogs have become a main source of news for many and a key tool for communicating ideas to the masses.

Many sites employ writers who specialize in conveying company news, updates, and content relevant to the company for the public to consume. In such a rare occasion that an actual executive of a company has a hand in creating compelling content relevant to the company they are employed by, but EBSCO Spring happens to have such a talented writer in Todd. P., C.O.O. and blogger extraordinaire. To read more thoughts of Todd P., log on to his blog. For more information EBSCO Spring, be sure to log on to their website.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Lean-er & Meaner: EBSCO Spring Jumps Into the Future of Lean

Rebuilding lean from the ground up, EBSCO Spring is proud to announce the assembling of a new team to assess how lean practices are being put to work in the production of EBSCO spring and what the company can be doing differently. With many companies tackling a lean production philosophy based on the lean methods used by such companies as Toyota only to not see much change, EBSCO is dedicated to the lean philosophy in their production of springs with radical changes in order make these changes stick. EBSCO understands the differences between their shop and the Japanese Fortune 500 giant Toyota car manufacturer, but also sees how similar lean practices can help increase the efficiency in the plant. To read up on more of what EBSCO Spring Company is doing to make lean practices a reality, check out C.O.O. Todd P's blog here. To learn more about the expanding EBSCO Spring company, log on to the official website of EBSCO Spring.

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