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Friday, March 25, 2011

Keeping You Informed

This is our first post from Ebsco. There are several exciting changes happening here. Our company is growing and meeting the challenges ahead. We will utilize this Blog to keep you informed of our journey at Ebsco.
Our CEO gave us her vision in October, "Ebsco will be a World Class Manufacturer by 2016".
Not a small vision. I've read that successful organizations start with BIHAGs, Big Hairy Audacious Goals. We have that.
Our first step was defining what "world Class" is. We identified four key elements that would determine a World Class Manufacturer:
Commitment to the customer
Commitment to the employees
Commitment to the Company through re-investment
Commitment to the community
These four pillars became the back bone of our new Mission Statement.
Our next step was creating specific goal and strategies, a road map to accomplish our journey.
Here are a few of the keys we identified that shaped our goals
To the customer
Short lead times and responsiveness to our customers needs
Quality. Unsurpassed quality that exceeds our customers expectations
Pricing. Competitive pricing offering our customers real value
To our employees
Let them lead the way. Allow them to shape the company
Environment create an environment people want to be a part of
Security. It's not just a job. It's their career.
To our company
Invest our profits back into the company in equipment and facility. We will build the
Ebsco that will be a World Class manufacturer for years to come
To the community
Ebsco will commit to giving back to the community. Our employees will determine what
Needs are important to them and we will apply our resources.
Nothing revolutionary here. Many of these priorities have always been held true at Ebsco. Many of our competitors have list close to ours. So what will set us apart?
Our commitment and focus! The team at Ebsco is excited, engaged and ready to make Ms. Dooley's vision a reality. A good plan,good people, determination and focus put a man on the moon. The same ingredients will give Ebsco it's vision.
Over the next few years I will help lead you through our journey here. I will share our victories and I'm sure a few set backs.
I hope you enjoy following Ebsco on it's journey to World Class Manufacturer.

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