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Friday, December 6, 2013

Ebsco Spring Elf On A Shelf Contest

The holidays are upon us and it’s the perfect time for a fun contest around the office. And as part of the holiday season we’ve decided to hold our own “Elf on the Shelf” contest for the holidays. Each department of Ebsco are taking photos of the infamous Elf on the Shelf in some wild and crazy situations. And if you go to our Facebook page you can see some of the amazing shots that the Ebsco departments created.

Plus, this contest was featured on the TV show The List recently, and you can see the exciting video of the segment here.

The winner of the contest gets a free lunch on the company, and we’re so excited to see the creativity and sense of community that each department has shown during this contest. Everyone brought the same excitement and dedication to this project as they do to their work on our quality springs every day. The same dedication that has made us an industry leader for the last seventy years.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It doesn't matter who you are or who you know, it’s all about the springs

One of the great traditions of American small business is that every employee needs to wear many hats while they work. 

If your business only has a small amount of employees, you don’t have the resources for extreme specialization. 

No one is above taking out the trash or answering the phones, not even the boss.  Or, as it is in this case, the son of the boss.

This photo here is of Nick Dooley, the CEO’s son and future CEO himself.  He’s currently working as our Production Manager, except of late he’s been putting a lot of time in at the shop. 

In order to make sure our parts order stay on schedule he’s been working in the shop himself getting his hands dirty.  This is the type of dedication to the company and overall product and process that you just don’t see in large scale businesses.  Every member of our team is familiar with every step of our springs and wants to make sure we offer the highest quality springs possible. 

And Nick is an excellent example of this dedication.  Not content to simply rest easy as the boss’ son, he’s working above and beyond to make sure Ebsco keeps its schedule commitments, and meet’s our own high standard of quality.

The great roman general Agrippa once said that an Empire was only as strong as its line of succession. And looking at the determination and commitment Nick is demonstrating, we’re confident that the next seventy years at Ebsco will be just as bright and successful as the last seventy years have been. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Springs In Artificial Limbs

The heart of spring manufacturing is being part of a team. A spring is one of many parts that come together to form a machine, a machine that serves a purpose and makes our lives better. By all of the mechanized parts uniting together, they accomplish something greater than the sum of their parts.

And nowhere is this principle clearer than in the rapidly evolving field of prosthetic limbs. With the advances made in microchip technology over the past few decades, it has become increasingly prevalent to see micro processing used in the joints of prosthetic limbs. A microchip receives data about the various stresses and pressures it’s receiving from whatever activity it’s participating in, and reacts accordingly to make sure the joint hinges and reacts as it should.

A perfect example of this is the microprocessor-controlled foot-ankle prosthetic device, the PowerFoot BiOM. It’s still in its design phases, but the BiOM is proposed to simulate the natural function of the foot by simulating the action of the ankle, Achilles tendon and calf muscles to move the individual forward when they step.

These devices utilize various sensors in the ankle and foot to detect foot position, direction, and force of movement. This data is analyzed by several microcomputers that translate it into instructions for a motor-activated spring device in the sole of the prosthesis. The loaded spring device is released as the sensor detects that the user is taking a step forward, forcing the ball of the foot downwards and propelling the foot forward. The spring mechanism reloads itself in-between steps. This device uses batteries to operate this system and requires daily recharging.

Consider the difficulty prosthetics have always had with simulating a joint as complicated as the ankle. With technology like this amputees will be able to walk again with greater ease. Wounded soldiers could Now also consider how with all the amazing technology being used in this device… the spring is the most crucial part. If the spring isn’t able to do its job, all of the data being transferred by the microprocessor is useless. It’s a simple job, but an important one.

And that’s how we view ourselves and our products. The custom springs we manufacture can help you to do anything you can imagine… and because of our dedication to quality, you know you will always be able to rely on it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Spring In Your Wheels

When you look at the route 66 signs that are still prominent in Tulsa, it’s hard not to fell the pull of one of our greatest traditions… the road trip. Nothing is more quintessentially American than packing a few things in the trunk and hitting the open road with friends or family. But the problems with roads is they’re tricky beasts full of irregularities, dips and holes that would make traveling on them impossible save for one of the most important system in your car, the suspension.

Even freshly paved highways have subtle imperfections that can interact with your car’s tires. These imperfections apply forces to the wheel, and according to Newton’s law of motion all force has both a magnitude and a direction. So when you hit a bump in the road it causes your wheel to vertically accelerate off the road after which gravity pulls it smashing down on the road. Without a suspension system to absorb and redistribute that energy all of it would be applied to the frame, causing you to feel every bump in the road, or worse send your car rolling over the side of the road. And an important part of any suspension system are the coil springs that absorb this energy and release it where the rest of the system can redistribute it harmlessly.

In fact it’s the tightness or looseness of the springs in your suspension that make the determination between how your car handles and the smoothness of the ride. A Loosely sprung car like a Lincoln Town Car can absorb bumps easily and provide a smooth ride, but it prone to dive and squat during braking and acceleration and usually experiences body sway during cornering. Whereas a tightly sprung car like a sports car, are less forgiving on bumpy roads, but they minimize any body motion and thus can be driven aggressively, even around sharp corners.

Whatever you need from your car, the springs inside the suspension can help you get it. And when the highways and hidden roads of this great country call out to you with offers of exploration and exciting new destinations and experiences, the springs we make at Ebsco both help you answer that call, and keep you safe while you do it.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Continuous Improvement

Manufacturers are constantly adding certifications, ISO 9001, Quality System, ISO 14001
Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Safety Management System, CAPA, Certified
Auto Parts Association, ISO 16949, Automotive Quality Certification, AS 9120 and Aerospace quality
certification just to name a few. Each of these certifications addresses different aspects, yet they all
share the same common emphasis, Continuous Improvement.

Continuous Improvement is the central theme in manufacturing. ISO, Lean, 6 Sigma and so on,
all focusing on organization’s efforts on continuous improvement. Since the Asian manufacturing explosion in the 1950′s, continuous improvement has become the cornerstone of manufacturing.
Manufacturers monitor and measure everything, allowing them to discover any unanticipated results. Everyone rushes to determine the reason for the unexpected results or root cause then determines how to fix it then change policies and procedures to ensure it doesn't happen again. The quality systems provide a framework for the improvement process and the discipline to ensure improvements are maintained. This system works. Everyone is focused on improvement. Current performance is only acceptable for an instance than expectations are raised, getting better without end.

My question is, “Why don’t other industries embrace continuous improvement like manufacturing?”
Manufacturing is one of the oldest trades. So maybe, manufacturing has been around longer and is more developed?

In retail and service industries the focus is customer satisfaction. That’s great, but it focuses more on isolated circumstances and not patterns of events. I see management at retailers dealing with upset customers, one on one to satisfy them. What I don’t see is the effort to analyze what happened in the system. I don’t see the effort to find a way to fix the root cause so it doesn't happen again. I don’t see the focused discipline to maintain the changes. What I don’t see is a system with a standard. Do you have a favorite store that always seems to have long lines at a certain time of day? Does it happen over and over? Where is the continuous improvement? Where is the root cause analysis and corrective action to see it doesn't happen again? I’m not picking on retail. It’s the same story in service organizations and other industries.

Continuous Improvement should be for every industry, and maybe even for every person. I’m sure
my wife could write-up several non-conforming behavior forms on me, know the root cause and offer corrective actions for the future. Can you imagine your spouse walking around with a stack of corrective actions for you to address? Okay maybe not that far, but as individuals we should be focused on continuous improvement such as education, knowledge, being a better parent, friend or
spouse. Everyone should want to improve.

So when you hear people talking about manufacturing like the stereotypical sweat shop assembly line, think about it. Manufacturing is one of the most developed and constantly improving industries in the world. It must be. Manufacturing has been part of the global economy long before other industries knew the global economy existed. I know retailers have competition. Stand in any retailer’s parking lot and I bet you can see their competitor across the street. Manufacturing faces world-wide competition. Not local or national, but global compaction. Manufacturers face competition from countries with lower labor costs and government assistance in key industries. Without continuous improvement individual manufacturers would not exist.

I have no doubt that manufacturing has one of the most developed business models of any industry. My only question is “When is everyone else going to catch up?” Excuse me now, I need to get to the store where I’m sure they will only have one register opened for the long line of customers, or I need to call the technical help line and sit on hold for 45 minutes…just like yesterday and the day before that.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Compression or Extension – It Springs Either Way

When working in specific industries, it is important to know about the materials that the equipment and machinery are made of to ensure the quality of the product that is being manufactured and to be aware of safety issues.

It is not necessary to  know everything about them, but it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the two springs. For example, it is necessary to know what an extension spring is versus what a compression spring is and what they do and what purpose they serve.

Attached to both ends is a variety of extensions to other components at both ends and as they move apart, the spring draws them together. Energy is then absorbed and stored to create resistance. The original tension is what sets the coil's tightness and the tension is able to manipulate the load requirements as well as the coil-connected components weight.

They are usually made with eyes and hooks which are attached to the component pieces and may have center loops, extended twist loops, hooks, threaded inserts or tear-dropped shape ends, From the coil's body, these ends have variance in distance. Depending on the equipment needs, there can be different distances custom-designed. For situations where weight could be overloading, there draw-bar variety of springs is a perfect solution because of the built-in stopping point.

Compressionsprings are the most common used spring and are an open-coil designed that counterbalance compression. They are usually either fitted in a hole or placed over a rod and when weight is placed against it, it becomes shorter and forces back against the load, returning to it's original form. This type of resistance is thought to be the most energy efficient storage device.

The compression spring with a straight metal coils is the most common with a diameter and the length is teh same as that of the component. There are also other shapes such as the barrel and conical types in a convex shape and the concave hourglass shape as well.

These springs are found in the manufacturing of cars uses extensions in the interior and exterior both as well as garage door assemblies, trampolines and vise-grip pliers. With the wide variety of sizes of these springs, they are also found in something as small as a carburetors or as large as farm equipment and even in medical devices, toys and washing machines. From the brakes in off-road machinery to the furniture on your patio, there are uses of these springs.

Regardless what the end purpose of the compression or extension spring, the best quality is a must so that the quality of the end product is durable, reliable and strong enough to stand the use it may applications.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Wires and Steel Springs

Compression springs are found in many products these days regardless the industry. This couldn't be even truer than in the aerospace industry.

When looking at aerospace compression springs, the calculation method, the material used will depend on how much stress will be applied to that specific area and part.

Many preferred types are merely not in stock in the quantities need while others call for heat treatment after being wound. Nearly all springs are cold hard wire when wound.
The continual drawing by dies, and each drawing process gains strength from both the shear and tensile work hardened. Therefore, the shear stress that can be used will hinge on the wire size. Basically the smaller the diameter the more stress it can absorb.

The "regular" spring wire from this process is known patented carbon steel spring wire, the process of applying the steel to make it simpler to for smaller gauges. It typically has no alloying content and is available metric diameters as well as the usual Standard Wire Gauge size.

Because carbon steel wire is not suitable for temperatures over 125c and they may have the risk of corrosion or the temperatures can get high, the more useful material is the hard-drawn stainless steel springs. Where steam/water are a concern, the hard drawn phosphor-bronze is non-corrosive and is usually recommended for uninterrupted use below about 110 deg. C. It is comparatively easy to take in a broad range of gauges or to metric dimensions.

A corrosion resistant material is the nickel alloy spring. They offer heat resistance and superior strength in a grade of wire that has high elastic qualities akin to music wire. Yet it maintains the corrosion resistance quality of standard stainless. An excellent material for all types of springs, the nickel alloy spring, offers long life when required for severe service conditions while giving excellent fatigue properties.

Chrome is a higher prime spring material, such as vanadium steel, that must be heat treated after winding. The spring is wound while soft and then hardened. The shear elastic limit is approximately the same as carbon phosphor-bronze. Hard-drawn brass is an inexpensive spring material and perfect for mild conditions. It is more common used for flat springs that can provide sharp bends as needed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drawbar Springs and Porch Swings

Has your porch swing ever failed on you?  If so, you probably relate very well to this video of porch swing fails.  This video is a very accurate depiction of how porch swings give out due to unexpected loading and lack of drawbar springs.  And while porch swing fails caught on video have been posted for entertainment and comedic purposes, there is a good chance that some of the people involved in the failed porch swings actually received some injuries.  When a porch swing gives out and does not remain stable under unexpected loading, it is because the swing is lacking drawbar springs.  Drawbar springs act as compression springs, compressing to take on unexpected weight and keep the porch swing intact if the other components were to fail.  Without the support of drawbar springs, porch swings crumble under the weight of unexpected pressure and leave people with injuries.

If you are a manufacturer of porch swings or other large household items, it is vitally important that you get drawbar springs!  A failed product can not only cost you a customer, but it can damage your reputation as a quality manufacturer and leave you with a small customer base in the long-run.  In order to make the most safe and durable products, it is vital that you find the right spring manufacturer.  Custom spring manufacturer EBSCO Spring Company is considered an industry leader in spring manufacturing, providing customers with the finest drawbar springs and custom compression springs that are highly durable and reliable.  EBSCO Spring in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a company you can trust in that they have manufactured trustworthy springs for diverse industries including robotics, sports, and aeronautics.  If you are looking for the best drawbar springs that will make your products the most reliable and give you a positive reputation, don't hesitate to call or visit EBSCO Spring Company in Tulsa, OK today!  

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EBSCO Spring Offers Custom Drawbar Springs

Photo of a custom silver drawbar spring

Drawbar springs were created to take on the weight of unexpected overloading and act as a support for if certain components in equipment were to fail during use.  A porch swing is one of the most common items that contains drawbar springs.  It would be horrible for a porch swing to suddenly give out under unexpected weight, leaving a person with possible injuries.  If you have ever experienced that before, there is a good chance your porch swing didn't come with drawbar springs.  A drawbar spring functions as a support by compressing when taking on weight, ultimately helping a system to withstand pressure and remain intact.  Drawbar springs make it possible for a person to enjoy reading or having a conversation on a porch swing without the fear that the swing will fall apart under the pressure of his or her weight.  When a person's safety is at hand, drawbar springs are vital in order for household items and equipment to be able to function in the most safe and secure ways.

Custom spring manufacturer EBSCO Spring Company specializes in manufacturing custom drawbar springs as well as custom compression springs that bring support and stability to equipment and large household items.  If you are a manufacturer of equipment or items like porch swings and looking for the most reliable springs for your products, there is no greater spring manufacturing company to trust than EBSCO Spring.  EBSCO Spring Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma has the experience of manufacturing springs for diverse industries and has recently become an industry leader.  EBSCO Spring recognizes the need for on-time delivery and high-quality products, and therefore provides customers with the finest services and most reliable springs.  For all of your spring needs, don't hesitate to call or visit Tulsa spring manufacturer EBSCO Spring Company today!

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

EBSCO is Aeronautic

Close-up photo of a plane hovering over the clouds in the sky

When it comes to the aerospace industry, every aircraft component has to be put together and constructed in a precise matter and with great care.  The construction of an airplane is no joke, seeing that human lives are involved.  A plane has to be absolutely reliable and that reliability depends on the reliability of the components involved in its construction.  Some of the vital components involved in manufacturing an airplane and making it function properly are springs, and these springs have to be extremely reliable and have a 100% performance rate.  That is why those in the aerospace industry look for the most top-notch spring manufacturing companies out there.  When human lives are at stake, aircraft manufacturers can have nothing short of the best spring manufacturer to provide them with the most reliable and durable springs.

Tulsa Spring manufacturer EBSCO Spring Company is nothing short of the greatest spring manufacturer for those who are involved in the aerospace industry and looking for the most reliable and durable aircraft components.  EBSCO Spring in Tulsa, OK has the reputation of being an industry leader in spring manufacturing and has consistently supplied companies in various industries with quality, reliable springs.  Don't put your company in the hands of a spring manufacturer who has no experience and a low-performance rate.  You don't want to take that risk, especially if you work in the aerospace industry!  With the experience of manufacturing spring for many diverse industries, EBSCO Spring Company is truly a spring manufacturer that you can trust!  For all of your aerospace spring manufacturing needs, call or visit EBSCO Spring Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma today!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

EBSCO Spring Company is Electronic

Photo of a classroom of students using their laptops to take notes and do their assignments

What comes to mind when you think about electronics?  Today, most people would say laptops, smartphones, or tablets.  In college classes today, it is more uncommon to see a notebook than it is to see a laptop.  Technology is advancing in such a way that it is being used for how we take notes, express our thoughts, read books, and communicate.  Laptops are no longer just used for profession related purposes, but for entertainment and socializing through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Netflix.  All it takes is a touch on the mouse-pad and typing in a few words and you are there.

However, what would happen if you removed all of the springs under the keys in  your keyboard?  Your buttons would not work properly and you would no longer be able to type.  Without typing, all you would be able to do is move your mouse around and click on things, and that wouldn't take you very far before you needed to type something.  So by removing the springs in a computer keyboard, you aren't just taking out the ability to type, but you are also taking away your ability to take notes, express your thoughts, watch entertaining videos, and communicate with others.  With that being said, springs are a vital instrument to making a computer function properly and allowing you to do the things you enjoy by use of technology.  That is why those in the electronics industry, with technology being such an attractive industry today, must find exceptional spring manufacturers to provide them with the most high-quality springs for their electronic devices.

Tulsa spring manufacturer EBSCO Spring Company is electronic, providing those in the electronics industry with the finest springs for their devices and equipment.  If you are in the electronics industry and looking for a high-quality spring manufacturer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, EBSCO Spring is ready and willing to supply you with the most excellent and durable springs that you will find.  EBSCO Spring Company is experienced in manufacturing springs for a variety of industries has become one of the industry leaders in spring manufacturing.  Don't go wrong by placing your needs in the hands of the wrong company.  EBSCO Spring is a company you can trust to do the job and do it well!  Call or visit EBSCO Spring Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma today!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

EBSCO is Medical

A photo of five medical doctors (two women and three men) in uniform and wearing stethoscopes smiling

When it comes to a person's life, the functioning of medical instruments are not a joke.  Every tool has to operate properly and must be in the most excellent condition, no exceptions.  This means that the components involved in making medical devices work to their full potential are extremely important.  Many of the medical instrument used today need springs in order to work correctly.  Because of this, the quality and reliability of springs manufactured for this industry are critical.  It would be horrendous for a doctor to begin an operation only to find that one of his most important devices is not working.  Medical institutions, organizations, hospitals, and clinics must choose spring manufacturers that are trustworthy and have a track record or producing high-quality springs that come through in the most desperate of times.      

EBSCO Spring Company, a Tulsa spring manufacturer, is one of the most reliable spring manufacturing companies in the industry.  EBSCO has produced and provided high-quality springs for a variety of industries, including robotics, electronic, sports, and medical.  With a history of manufacturing springs that are reliable, as well as experience in creating springs for diverse industries, EBSCO Spring Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a company that can be trusted.  If you are a manufacturer or medical instruments and devices, it is critical that you choose the right spring manufacturer!  EBSCO Spring is pleased to provide you with the finest springs for your medical instruments that will cause them to operate to their full potential.  Don't risk a person's life by choosing the wrong company.  Call or visit EBSCO Spring Company today!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

EBSCO is Robotic

A photo of showing the arm of a robotic giving a handshake to the arm of a human
Robotics engineering is quite a complex process that involves creating a whole unit which is made up of many robotic components.  Within those robotic components are many small parts that are vital to making the individual component work correctly, as well as making the unit as a whole function properly.  So what are the parts involved in robotics engineering that are so important to making all of it work?  You guessed it!  One of the parts that is critical to robotics engineering is the spring.  Springs are something that mechanical engineers use all the time in order to make their designs a reality.  Because of this, the robotics industry has a high demand for spring manufacturers that can create reliable springs to be used in their components.

Tulsa spring manufacturer EBSCO Spring Company is a company that specializes in robotic spring manufacturing.  A company that has been around for over 70 years and has experience manufacturing springs for many diverse industries, EBSCO Spring is a company you can trust to provide you with the most high-quality and reliable springs for your specific industry.  If you are a robotics engineer and in need of springs, there is no greater company that EBSCO Spring Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma to supply you with what you are looking for!  EBSCO provides mechanical engineers with the vital materials they need in order to take their designs to the next level. Simply call or visit EBSCO Spring Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma today where you will find all of the essential materials you need in order to bring your robotics engineering design to life.  

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

EBSCO is Athletic

Are you a work-out maniac?  Do you spend every ounce of your free time at the gym bulking up?  Maybe you are a trainer at an exercise facility and working out is practically your day job.  Well did you know that for most of the exercise equipment you probably use, springs play a vital role in that equipment?  It's true!  Those muscles that you have right now were most likely gained by using an exercise machine, which you actually would not have been able to use had it lacked springs.  Therefore, your awesome muscles are actually a result of springs!  Interesting to think about right?

Today, the subject of health is trending in America.  People are striving to eat healthier and exercise more often.  Weight loss and eating healthier are among the top New Year's resolutions in America every year.  With more people wanting to be healthier comes more exercise equipment and where there is more exercise equipment more springs are needed.  This means that with health becoming more and more popular, there is a higher demand for spring manufacturers to produce the high-quality springs needed in exercise machines.  Sports equipment manufacturers are looking for top-notch spring manufacturers to produce springs that will ensure their equipment will operate at its greatest capability.     

Tulsa spring manufacturer EBSCO Spring Company is one of the most reliable spring manufacturers around who makes the finest springs for a variety of industries.  Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, EBSCO Spring Company manufactures springs for those in the aerospace, construction, medical, electronics, sports industries and more!  Being a manufacturer for such a diverse selection of industries, EBSCO Spring is someone you can rely on!  If you are in need of a spring manufacturer, don't hesitate to call or visit EBSCO Spring Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma today.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

EBSCO is Automotive

If you work in the automotive industry, you probably realize the importance of valve springs.  Without valve springs, the engine will not run properly and the car will not be drivable.  Not only do cars need valve springs, but they also need suspension springs.  Suspension springs help keep a vehicle stable, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience for the drive and passengers.  For those who love to race, suspension springs are vital in protecting the driver and providing steering stability.  With that being said, there is a demand in the automotive industry for spring manufacturers that can product high-quality springs for high-quality vehicles.  Companies in the automotive industry are looking for spring manufacturers they can rely on.

 Tulsa spring manufacturer EBSCO Spring Company is pleased to provide those in the automotive industry with a variety of springs that will do the job and do it well.  From valve springs that make an engine function properly to suspension springs that provide security for drivers and passengers to simple springs that are used in an automobile's basic functions like the opening and closing of doors, EBSCO Spring Company is stocked with it all and ready to distribute to your company.  If you manufacture, work on, or race automobiles, the spring manufacturers at EBSCO Spring would be thrilled to become your company's spring supplier.  Don't hesitate to call or visit EBSCO Spring Company today, where your needs are their top priority!

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