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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ebsco Spring is Proud to Be a Part of the Future

Ebsco Spring has recently filmed a promotional video with the “Dream It Do It” organization, who is working with the support of the National Association of Manufacturers in an effort to bring the awareness to high school students that careers that are available in the manufacturing sector.

The pipeline of trained people to take the jobs of the quick approaching retirement of Baby Boomers is at an all-time low and Ebso Spring is proud to take part in this initiative here in the Tulsa area. The “Dream it Do it NEOK” is focused on providing program activities that will include visiting local middle and high school classes, career fairs as well as educator and student tours of manufacturing facilities such as Ebsco Spring.

This recently filmed promotional video at the Ebsco Spring facility was just the kick off and there are plans for more. Not only does the “Dream it Do it NEOK” aim to bring awareness to manufacturing careers, but filming the promotional videos also incorporates another group of Tulsa Tech students with the video production team, Dreamboard Productions.

Ebsco Spring is excited and just as proud to be a part of tomorrow's manufacturing professionals that are forming from this initiative as they are of being the number one source for custom spring orders.

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