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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ebsco Spring Turns Pink

The staff of Ebsco Spring in Tulsa, OK is not only busy making the best custom springs, but also spreading cancer awareness! The team was out in full-force today sporting their pink Ebsco Spring t-shirts in support of the Turn Tulsa Pink event. Turn Tulsa Pink is a cancer awareness event spanning from October 20-27 which has Tulsa businesses and governmental departments wearing pink to raise cancer awareness as well as funds that go to Tulsa cancer charities. Judi's mission was to raise awareness of how cancer impacts Tulsa, but also went on to be named the Best Success Story in Urban Tulsa Weekly and Tulsa Business journal as they raised $46,000 to support ten different Tulsa cancer charities. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Learning From The Best: Using Books As a Springboard

At Ebsco Spring, there is a constant dedication to innovation and utilizing the ideas of the team. Though there are a few higher-ups, the team is the most essential aspect of the entire spring manufacturing process. All members of the team at Ebsco Spring contribute to the process for increased efficiency, quality assurance, and overall customer and employee satisfaction. One of the tools used to utilize the effectiveness of the team are an assortment of books shared amongst departments. C.O.O. Todd P. lets outside folks know what's being read on the inside to help Ebsco Spring team members make the best custom coil springs on the market. Located in beautiful Tulsa, OK, Ebsco Spring Company provides a variety of industries with custom spring components. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Spring-Propelled Fun: Extreme Pogo Stick Actions

Most of the time, springs are all business. Occasionally, springs can be strictly for fun! As the following pogo-stick experts show, the seemingly boring pogo-stick of yesteryear is anything but. Pogo-stick enthusiasts sail to dizzying heights and perform a variety of stunts before returning back to earth where, if their feet are not securely planted, disaster can occur. 

For the highest caliber custom springs made in America, Ebsco Spring Company in Tulsa, OK is pleased to bring the world some of the finest springs available at competitive prices. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Drumming Up Food

Are you a drummer who cares about your community? Come November 4, 2012, Tulsa-area drummers will unite in an attempt to set a world record for most drummers playing the same beat in one area as well as raising food for the food pantries in the area. Each drummer is required to bring along at least 10 canned food items to participate as well as their own drum kit. For more information, log on to Drum Day Tulsa's official website. Ebsco Spring Company in Tulsa is proud to promote this event in attempts fight hunger in the area and set a world record for Tulsa! 

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