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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thunder In a Can: Spring-Powered Thunder Tubes

How do you conjure thunder from a can? It's easy with a thunder tube! Coming up in the world of weather-sound mimicking instruments (such as the rain-stick) is the thunder tube. Also known as the thunder drum, this very simple device is used by orchestral percussionists, Native American musicians, and anyone else who wants to create the sound of thunder using a relatively simple design. Though varying by size, the design is typically always the same: one tube, a drum-head or other covering, and a long skinny spring attached to the center of that head. When held upside-down and shaken, the vibration of the spring resonates through the drum-head and is amplified by the tube. Below is a video of a thunder tube in action.

Because of the simple design of this instrument anyone can play, eHow has a fun tutorial on how to create a thunder tube of your own. 

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Springs For Fun: How Spring Airsoft Guns Work

Airsoft: How Do Spring Airsoft Guns Work? on Howcast
One sport/hobby that has taken off in recent years is that of airsoft weapons. Resembling actual firearms, airsoft guns use a combination of air and spring power to fire plastic pellets without the use of any form of explosive such as the gun powder found in tradition firearms. Airsoft weapons are used as a safer target-shooting alternative as well as for simulated gun fights with friends while wearing equipment that protects the eyes, face, and other sensitive regions. In this video, airsoft weapons technician Josh Meyer demonstrates how springs project the plastic bb's through the barrel of the weapon.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Typical Items With Big Uses

From the eclectic pages of comes 99 left-field uses for items you can find around the house. From crafting custom ear-protection with an old tennis ball to spring-loaded chopsticks, readers are invited to discover the off use of ordinary household items. Head over to LifeHackery's website for more information.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

EBSCO Springs Into Action

Every so often, the experts at EBSCO Spring Company get in a crucial order that gives them the opportunity to really show what they're made of. This last week, EBSCO Spring Company received a rush order for a spring component that was keeping a Sikorsky helicopter grounded until they could supply the proper part. Shifting gears, EBSCO Spring Company was able to churn out the necessary part and up to quality standards, a process that normally takes three weeks, in 2 days. Now, this essential helicopter is back in the air, all thanks to the hard work of the spring manufacturing experts at EBSCO Spring in Tulsa, OK. For more details on the order, from start to finish, visit EBSCO Spring Company C.O.O. Todd P's blog. For more information on custom spring manufacturing performed here in the Midwest, log onto EBSCO Spring Company's official website

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