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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ebsco Spring Is On The Cutting Edge Again, This Time With the E-Cig

For the world at large, the year 2014 may be most remembered for the e-Cigarette, or e-Cig craze and for Ebsco Spring Company, 2014 will be a monumental year with the request from Forbes to interview one of their own regarding the e-Cigarette craze. This battery-charged device that looks like a cigarette is the latest thing for smokers to use to quit smoking. They are filled with liquid nicotine that produces vapor when the heating element is started by battery. The user can inhale this solution into their lungs and puff just as they would a real cigarette.

The vapor they produce is odorless and is said to be harmless to those around the user. There are some groups that caution use of the e-Cig in public, stating that there isn't enough evidence just how safe this product is for sure. Those who are for the use e-Cig give it high praise. While some companies have lumped this smokeless cigarette into the tobacco group that is prohibited, there are a few employers who praise the product.

Among those companies is Ebsco Spring. Forbes requested an interview with the CEO and President of Ebsco Spring, Cheryl Dooley. It is exciting for the company that Ms. Dooley participated in the article with Forbes. As a long time, two packs-a-day smoker, it gave her a wake up call when a blood clot was found on her lungs. It was a personal honor and pleasure to be interviewed by Forbes. After trying numerous ways to quit smoking over the years with no success, she purchased an e-Cig kit and was successful in kicking the habit.

Ms. Dooley felt that the purchase of 28 e-Cig kits at $100 each was a worthwhile investment for the company to help one of their most prized resources – their employees. This wasn't a step in cutting health insurance cost or getting more productivity from her employees. It was simply assurance for anyone with a smoking habit to know that it could be kicked.

Experts aren't expecting other employers to follow this step any time soon. In fact, there are more and
more companies such as General Electric, Stiles Corporation, Wal-Mart and others that are including the use of the e-Cig in their “No Tobacco” policies. The concern is that the e-Cig is still putting an unknown substance into the environment and some have complained the vapor from them irritates their allergies and sinuses.

For now, Ebsco Spring Company is proud to be a pioneer company in what they hope will be come a trend for other companies to follow. The honor to for Ms. Dooley to have been interviewed by Forbes is definitely a proud moment for Ebsco Spring and every member of their team.

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