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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spring Decor

A spring is an item that is commonly overlooked and unnoticed.    However, did you know that you can actually create awesome decor for your home with this simple object?  Most people never think about taking common items like coil springs and turning them into something trendy.  Check out these candles woven into springs for outside decor! What a creative and unique thing to add to your humble abode!  However, why go out and spend money on these decorations when you can make them yourself?  Simply go out and by some wire, turn it into a spring, and place a candle in it!  Then you can attach some string and hang it from your fence!  A super easy process that will give the outside of your home a cool look.  Plus, when people ask you where you got them, how cool to say that you made them yourself?

Or, you can save time and simply buy some coil springs from EBSCO Spring Company!  EBSCO Spring Company is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a custom coil spring manufacturer.  EBSCO Spring Company services a broad range of industries including aerospace, construction, medical, electronics, sports, and agricultural.  For your specific company, get the greatest and most convenient service today by partnering with EBSCO Spring Company!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A World Without Springs

When it comes to springs, most people don't really notice them or think about how involved they are in making things work.  Springs are involved in every day items like the ballpoint pens we use to take notes in class, the mattresses we sleep comfortably on at night, and the toasters we use to make breakfast before work.  Springs are even involved in the activities your kids enjoy like jumping on a trampoline.  Without springs, there would be no more clicking pens (which some of you would probably prefer) or break popping out of a toaster.  The mattress that you sleep on at night would be flatter and less comfortable and we would not get any laughs out of YouTube videos that have bulldogs jumping on a trampoline.  We would no longer be able to step up on a scale to see how much weight we've lost.  Vehicles, motorcycles, and bikes would not be the same as well because coil springs play a big part in their functionality.  There are many different types of springs and springs are a part of almost everything we use today.

EBSCO Spring Company is a company out of Tulsa, Oklahoma that is involved in custom coil spring manufacturing and has grown to be a leader in the industry.  To receive the most high-quality products and equipment in the fastest amount of time, choose EBSCO Spring Company today.  EBSCO Spring Company is dedicated to providing customers with the finest products and services.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spring Shoes: Definitely Putting Spring in Your Step

For those of you who remember the old days of the PF Flyers which claimed they could make kids "run faster and jump higher", you'll have special appreciation those who have actually created every kid's dream: spring shoes! While the makers of the acclaimed PF Flyers mainly only used their performance-enhancing claim to sell shoes, nobody is trying to make a buck off these next creations. Using springs cut out of old mattresses and whatever else they can find, these do-it-yourselfers have transformed their boring sneakers into items of bouncing footwear that are capable of helping them reach heights never before attained by the relatively non-athletically inclined. Check out the Cockeyed "Stuff I Made" page for more information on how to make your own homemade spring shoes. 

For the Tulsa spring manufacturer that produces some of the highest quality custom springs for use in fields ranging from aerospace to agriculture, EBSCO Spring Company is pleased to bring customers the very finest spring you can buy. 

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