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Friday, November 16, 2012

A World Without Springs

When it comes to springs, most people don't really notice them or think about how involved they are in making things work.  Springs are involved in every day items like the ballpoint pens we use to take notes in class, the mattresses we sleep comfortably on at night, and the toasters we use to make breakfast before work.  Springs are even involved in the activities your kids enjoy like jumping on a trampoline.  Without springs, there would be no more clicking pens (which some of you would probably prefer) or break popping out of a toaster.  The mattress that you sleep on at night would be flatter and less comfortable and we would not get any laughs out of YouTube videos that have bulldogs jumping on a trampoline.  We would no longer be able to step up on a scale to see how much weight we've lost.  Vehicles, motorcycles, and bikes would not be the same as well because coil springs play a big part in their functionality.  There are many different types of springs and springs are a part of almost everything we use today.

EBSCO Spring Company is a company out of Tulsa, Oklahoma that is involved in custom coil spring manufacturing and has grown to be a leader in the industry.  To receive the most high-quality products and equipment in the fastest amount of time, choose EBSCO Spring Company today.  EBSCO Spring Company is dedicated to providing customers with the finest products and services.

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