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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spring Decor

A spring is an item that is commonly overlooked and unnoticed.    However, did you know that you can actually create awesome decor for your home with this simple object?  Most people never think about taking common items like coil springs and turning them into something trendy.  Check out these candles woven into springs for outside decor! What a creative and unique thing to add to your humble abode!  However, why go out and spend money on these decorations when you can make them yourself?  Simply go out and by some wire, turn it into a spring, and place a candle in it!  Then you can attach some string and hang it from your fence!  A super easy process that will give the outside of your home a cool look.  Plus, when people ask you where you got them, how cool to say that you made them yourself?

Or, you can save time and simply buy some coil springs from EBSCO Spring Company!  EBSCO Spring Company is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a custom coil spring manufacturer.  EBSCO Spring Company services a broad range of industries including aerospace, construction, medical, electronics, sports, and agricultural.  For your specific company, get the greatest and most convenient service today by partnering with EBSCO Spring Company!

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