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Friday, December 6, 2013

Ebsco Spring Elf On A Shelf Contest

The holidays are upon us and it’s the perfect time for a fun contest around the office. And as part of the holiday season we’ve decided to hold our own “Elf on the Shelf” contest for the holidays. Each department of Ebsco are taking photos of the infamous Elf on the Shelf in some wild and crazy situations. And if you go to our Facebook page you can see some of the amazing shots that the Ebsco departments created.

Plus, this contest was featured on the TV show The List recently, and you can see the exciting video of the segment here.

The winner of the contest gets a free lunch on the company, and we’re so excited to see the creativity and sense of community that each department has shown during this contest. Everyone brought the same excitement and dedication to this project as they do to their work on our quality springs every day. The same dedication that has made us an industry leader for the last seventy years.

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