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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thunder In a Can: Spring-Powered Thunder Tubes

How do you conjure thunder from a can? It's easy with a thunder tube! Coming up in the world of weather-sound mimicking instruments (such as the rain-stick) is the thunder tube. Also known as the thunder drum, this very simple device is used by orchestral percussionists, Native American musicians, and anyone else who wants to create the sound of thunder using a relatively simple design. Though varying by size, the design is typically always the same: one tube, a drum-head or other covering, and a long skinny spring attached to the center of that head. When held upside-down and shaken, the vibration of the spring resonates through the drum-head and is amplified by the tube. Below is a video of a thunder tube in action.

Because of the simple design of this instrument anyone can play, eHow has a fun tutorial on how to create a thunder tube of your own. 

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