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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It doesn't matter who you are or who you know, it’s all about the springs

One of the great traditions of American small business is that every employee needs to wear many hats while they work. 

If your business only has a small amount of employees, you don’t have the resources for extreme specialization. 

No one is above taking out the trash or answering the phones, not even the boss.  Or, as it is in this case, the son of the boss.

This photo here is of Nick Dooley, the CEO’s son and future CEO himself.  He’s currently working as our Production Manager, except of late he’s been putting a lot of time in at the shop. 

In order to make sure our parts order stay on schedule he’s been working in the shop himself getting his hands dirty.  This is the type of dedication to the company and overall product and process that you just don’t see in large scale businesses.  Every member of our team is familiar with every step of our springs and wants to make sure we offer the highest quality springs possible. 

And Nick is an excellent example of this dedication.  Not content to simply rest easy as the boss’ son, he’s working above and beyond to make sure Ebsco keeps its schedule commitments, and meet’s our own high standard of quality.

The great roman general Agrippa once said that an Empire was only as strong as its line of succession. And looking at the determination and commitment Nick is demonstrating, we’re confident that the next seventy years at Ebsco will be just as bright and successful as the last seventy years have been. 

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