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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Blog About A Blog About Blogging

In his most recent blog post, C.O.O. Todd P. of EBSCO Spring gives his two cents on the world of blogging. The web log (aka: "blog") came to popularity in the late 1990s with a whole rush of publishing sites hit the internet and anyone with the capability to write and click "send" could suddenly have their own blog. As time has progressed, blogs have become a main source of news for many and a key tool for communicating ideas to the masses.

Many sites employ writers who specialize in conveying company news, updates, and content relevant to the company for the public to consume. In such a rare occasion that an actual executive of a company has a hand in creating compelling content relevant to the company they are employed by, but EBSCO Spring happens to have such a talented writer in Todd. P., C.O.O. and blogger extraordinaire. To read more thoughts of Todd P., log on to his blog. For more information EBSCO Spring, be sure to log on to their website.

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