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Monday, July 30, 2012


Including the different departments of EBSCO Spring Company are the different teams throughout the company. In order to make EBSCO Spring an safe, efficient, and enjoyable place to work for employees, EBSCO Spring Company COO Todd P and CEO Cheryl D worked together to create many different subgroups throughout the company. Included in these subgroups are the EBSCO Fun Team, EBSCO Safety Team, EBSCO Lean Green Team, EBSCO Community Service Team, and the EBSCO Healthy Living Team. To address all the aspects that go into what makes a company successful, efficient, and an enjoyable place to work, these different teams help round out the workplace atmosphere into more of a compatible community instead of just a business. For more information on each of these teams their function, check out the official EBSCO Spring Wordpress Blog written by EBSCO Spring COO Todd P. 

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