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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spring in Your Step? No, Spring in Your Seat!

Though primarily known for making smaller mechanical springs, the staff of EBSCO Spring Company are downright spring fanatics quite fond of clever uses for springs that go beyond the mechanic and can quite possibly be incorporated into design. As decorative design has grown to be companions with sustainable practices, more and more designers are looking to recyclable items not only for inspiration but also for the materials of their products and accessories. For put a spring in your seat, many have discovered that coil springs from automobiles or elsewhere, when fitted with a seat, make for splendid bar stools to be used indoors or outdoors. Not largely available from any single manufacturer, the popularity of such a design and the lack of availability has lead many designers, homeowners, and business owners to craft their own custom coil spring stools by affixing seats on the springs and additional work to make them steady. This picture came from the Cool Oddities blog for your viewing enjoyment. To get a up-close look at stools of this design, stop by the EBSCO Spring factory and take a seat on some of these coil spring stools that grace the exterior. 

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