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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Destination: Success

As people start planning their vacations with eager expectation, EBSCO Spring Company C.O.O. Todd P. continues to never take his eye off the ball. In his latest blog, Todd makes a whole variety of connections between the act of planning an exciting and enjoyable trip to how a successful business plan is formed and then executed. Just like planning a vacation, businesses need a destination to be able to know how far they've come. In deciding that destination, they need to determine the best route in getting there. While other employees are figuring out the fastest, most efficient way to the beach this summer, Todd is hard at work figuring out the most efficient route to success for EBSCO Spring Company. For more of Todd's business advice and the future of EBSCO Spring, check out his blog and subscribe to receive regular updates. EBSCO Spring Company also wishes all of you a great summer vacation season. 

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