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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Todd P (COO of EBSCO Spring Company)'s latest blog, he brings you the lean on the concept of Lean. Though many a book as been written on the complex subject, Todd explains that the concept is as simple as it sounds and really boils down to common sense around the work place. Still, with this seemingly-obvious approach to business, incorporating Lean business practices is really a team effort. It is for this reason that Todd is proud that EBSCO Spring Company has been implementing a system of training their employees on what it means to operate as a Lean mean team. For more on Todd's adventures in the land of Lean and what he plans on doing with EBSCO Spring Company, click here to read his blog. For the latest happenings with EBSCO Spring, be sure and check out their official site frequent to stay up to date on new with the company.

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